SideSwap Share Tokenization

5 JUL 2022

SideSwap today announced the tokenization and listing of its shares.

It further announced that it is giving away 250 free shares to the first 200 individuals/corporations who register their AMP ID with its registration agent PEGx.

SideSwap’s share issuance is a first-in-kind where shares are held in the investors legal name while the AMP tokens are issued as representations on the Liquid Network. Tokens may be traded and transferred freely between whitelisted investors, where the legal register is updated based on the settlement of transactions.

SideSwap is pleased to bring this offering to market where it can showcase early building blocks of a bitcoin settled market infrastructure.

About SideSwap

We are self-custody bitcoiner’s. We envision a bitcoin settled financial system. To this end, we created SideSwap. Our mission is three-fold – to offer a wallet for users to custody their own balances, build p2p swap markets, and develop bitcoin-based capital markets.