Peg-in and Peg-out Service

A comprehensive guide to answer all your questions relating to how you can move coins seamlessly between the Bitcoin mainchain and the Liquid sidechain. It answers all the question of how SideSwap’s peg-in and peg-out services function.

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Privacy and the Liquid Network

A high-level overview of how blockchain analysis works, how Liquids privacy model differs between permissioned and non-permissioned assets, and how Confidential Transactions protects user privacy.

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How Swaps work

Find out how our swap markets remove custody and settlement risks while exchanging assets on the Liquid network.

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BTC Prague presentation

The following presentation was held at the BTC Prague conference. Building a bitcoin based financial system details how the Liquid Network is designed to become the primary blockchain based securities issuance layer using bitcoin for the settlement of payment.

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