SideSwap Jade Integration

10 NOV 2023

SideSwap Announces a Major Milestone with Jade Hardware Wallet Integration

We are excited to unveil our first hardware wallet feature integration using the Blockstream Jade, giving users the ability to access our swap markets directly from cold storage. Jade owners may now maintain their keys in a device under their control and conduct confidential, non-custodial swaps without having to rely on third-party custody or software wallets.

For instance, SideSwap users are able to trustlessly swap Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) for Liquid Tether (L-USDt) and other Liquid assets, such as tokenized securities like the BMN or SSWP, directly using their Jade hardware wallet—saving on fees and assuring full custody through the entire swap process.

“The premise of blockchain-based ledger systems is self-custody of balances. Our Jade integration has been a multi-month effort and represents a keystone in building enterprise-grade capital markets. Securities issued on Liquid may now be managed without ever having private keys exposed to the internet for greater privacy and security”, says Scott Millar, CEO and Founder of SideSwap.

About SideSwap

SideSwap builds settlement infrastructure for Bitcoin-based capital markets. We are a leading wallet and swap market infrastructure provider on the Liquid Network, a Bitcoin sidechain built for securities issuance and trading.