SideSwap BSIC1 Announcement

13 DEC 2023

SideSwap is pleased to announce that it has added BLOCKSTREAM ASIC (AMP Ticker: BSIC1) to its list of tradeable securities.

Blockstream, the global leader in Bitcoin infrastructure technology, has announced the upcoming Series 2 launch of its Bitcoin-denominated investment vehicle, the Blockstream ASIC (BASIC) Note.

Key Facts:

  • Series 1 was oversubscribed, demonstrating strong investor demand.
  • A total of $4.876m was allocated to the acquisition of Antminer S19k Pro ASIC miners.
  • Blockstream's focus on efficient miner acquisition and strong industry relationships positions investors uniquely for the upcoming 2024 halving.
  • The BTC : ASIC price ratio remains similarly attractive for the upcoming Series 2.

Continuing its collaboration with Luxembourg-based STOKR, a leading platform for digital securities, this latest launch once again targets qualified non-US investors, building on the initial success of Series 1, which closed above its US$ 5 million target.

Launched in September 2023, Series 1 of the BASIC Note, which aims to capitalize on current historically-low prices for Bitcoin mining hardware or ASICs, was heavily oversubscribed, marking a significant milestone for Blockstream and its investors.

As part of Series 1, Blockstream secured a significant number of Antminer S19k Pro ASIC miners. With the S19k Pro’s hashrate of 120 Th/s (23 J/T), the choice of machine aligns with Blockstream’s focus on acquiring the most efficient miners on the market, as both large public and private miners bring new capacity online and refresh their fleets in preparation for the 2024 halving.

Investors who wish to trade in BSIC1 securities need to register with STOKR (

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