Funding announcement

31 JUL 2023

SideSwap receives USD 150’000 funding to accelerate growth.

We’re pleased to announce a private placement of 500’000 shares at a valuation of USD 0.3 per share for a total funding round of USD 150’000. The shares will be tokenized via SSWP Partners AB. Total number outstanding SideSwap LTD shares will increase from 9’500’000 to 10’000'000.

“The funding round secures our team expansion and allows us to increase the pace of deliveries. We have a comprehensive roadmap we’re looking to execute in relation to building bitcoin-based capital markets.”, says Scott Millar, CEO and Founder of SideSwap.

About SideSwap

We are self-custody bitcoiner’s. We envision a bitcoin settled financial system. To this end, we created SideSwap. Our mission is three-fold – to offer a wallet for users to custody their own balances, build p2p swap markets, and develop bitcoin-based capital markets.