Partnership announcement: DePix

29 FEB 2024

Partnership announcement: DePix - A New Frontier for Cryptocurrency Transactions in Brazil

SideSwap is thrilled to announce the listing of the BRL stablecoin, DePix, in its Swap Market and Instant Swap offering. Our strategic partnership enables a seamless and direct exchange between the BRL stablecoin and L-BTC, setting a new standard for cryptocurrency transactions in Brazil.

Eduardo Jatahy, CEO of Plebank, the primary processor of DePix transactions in Brazil, highlighted the significance of this collaboration: "This integration bridges the Liquid Network and Brazil's Pix payment system, revolutionizing the way crypto operators engage with digital currencies in our country."

About DePix

DePix is the first Brazilian stablecoin on the Liquid Network, designed to provide a stable, efficient, and secure digital currency solution. The partnership with SideSwap opens up unprecedented opportunities for instant, secure transactions within the Liquid ecosystem. Visit for more information.

About SideSwap

SideSwap is an advanced trading platform that facilitates the secure, non-custodial exchange of assets on the Liquid Network. It features decentralized trading, supports multiple assets, and utilizes Confidential Transactions to enhance user privacy. SideSwap is available across various platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux, making it accessible for users to engage in atomic swaps on the Liquid Network.